#Dream Doors Increase Sales by 95 Per Cent

Kitchen facelift franchise Dream Doors posted record sales of £1.3 million in January, an increase of 95 per cent on the £632,000 achieved in the same period last year.

One of the rare retail success stories on the troubled high street, Dream Doors was founded 13 years ago by Gosport-based entrepreneur Troy Tappenden and now boasts a national network of more than 40 franchised showrooms.

“Dream Doors has come a very long way since I started out on my own,” he says. “We have so much strength in depth now, and that`s why we keep breaking records. Our established showrooms, those that have been with us for six and seven years or more, are consistently delivering stellar months. Now, with the new showrooms kicking in and some very high calibre franchisees joining our network in the last 18 months, 2012 is set to be another great year for Dream Doors.”

He adds: “We`re growing at a rate that surprises even me. For the last three years – in the teeth of the biggest global recession in living memory – Dream Doors has grown by an average of 18 percent each year. That`s not just the new showrooms opening, although that is a good indicator of success, but its also through like-for-like sales and our existing showrooms that are performing better and better each year. In 2008 Dream Doors` network sales were just over £6million. In January 2012 our network sales were more than £1.3million – almost a quarter of what we sold annually just four years ago!”