Because of the way they are run, franchises always seem to excel in their industries. With a strong brand, a structure that works and a huge network of support and knowledge, most franchises find that they continue to thrive, even through difficult periods.

And if proof were needed, the borders office of Driver Hire, a leading franchise has just won the Best Small Recruitment Team award from Scottish Recruitment 2010 which held an awards ceremony and gala dinner at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow.

The reason that Driver Hire Borders won this award was because they have developed over the last year and have celebrated some fantastic achievements. They have an excellent recruitment practice and they attract and develop their people using some successful strategies. And all this was achieved in an area which was greatly impacted by the recession.

The franchise can provide local and national organisations with temporary and permanent drivers so a lot of organisations have really come to rely on them; particularly when their regular staff are on holiday or off sick.

It’s proved to be an invaluable and reliable resource for some organisations and that has been recognised by the award given to them by Scottish Recruitment.