#Excellent franchising opportunity with Sports Xtra franchise

Sports Xtra, management franchise is taking complete advantage of the current market conditions to roll-out their successful concept. With the national excitement and expectation of the 2012 Olympics, ahead of the government’s promise to cut the rise in obesity, children sports provision is an optimistic market, despite the recession.

Sports Xtra was established in 2002 by Gareth Lippiatt who launched the nationwide franchise 12 months ago. He discloses that many factors have united to boost a network that is on the road to reach twenty franchised areas by the end of the year. Gareth said that they have a big target market as many children love sport. However, with the buzz of Olympics, shared with the increased demand for planned physical activity, this is actually a case of well developed conception in the right place and at an appropriate time.

With an industry-leading employee training programme, latest government backed initiatives and a pioneering approach; there are a lot of openings for their franchise owners to win contracts throughout the UK. For an instance, all schools have new compulsory needs that they find it hard to fulfil, and this is where Sports Xtra franchise owners can offer a resolution.

Matthew Warren, Business Development Manager with Sports Xtra clarifies how the company has associated itself with the notably improved public financial support: The NHS has spent nearly £275 million to promote the Change4Life campaign logo that can be seen everywhere.