#Fast food chain plans further growth

It seems that nothing can stop the expansion of McDonald’s franchise and the people of Scunthorpe have been pleased to hear that one of their key McDonald’s restaurants is going to be extended.

Franchisee Bob Meadcroft is investing £500,000 to extend his restaurant and the new plan will help to create more jobs in the area. The restaurant already employs 310 staff and the new plans will mean that 12 new jobs are created.

This could increase when the restaurant starts to open 24 hours a day, which is what the franchisee is planning.

Work on the expansion will start in October and it is hoped that it will be completed in November. The number of dining places as well as the number of car parking spaces will also be increased.

The McDonald’s franchise has supported Bob throughout his 30 year career. He started as a trainee manager in 1980 before he began taking on his own branches.

He has worked with the franchise to develop his career as well as help to expand the franchise and he hopes that these latest refurbishment plans will make it a more pleasant eating experience for customers as well as a more pleasant place to work for staff.