#Fastest Pizza Maker is revealed

Domino’s Pizza has come to be known for its excellent standards and for delivering hot and tasty pizzas really quickly.

But it doesn’t get much quicker than Pali Grewal, who has broken records by making three large pizzas in just 39.1 seconds. The pizza maker has now been crowned World’s Fastest Pizza Maker.

The pizzas had to be made to Domino’s high standards and Pali was required to hand stretch the fresh dough and add the sauce and toppings to the highest standard. The pizzas had to be consistent and to match the Domino’s standards but this didn’t seem to be a problem for Pali.

He was really pleased with the results of the competition as he has been hoping to be awarded the title for a very long time. He’s been practising to get his pizza making up to speed and feels really happy that all the time he has invested has paid off.

The winner of this prestigious title has been at Domino’s for over 18 years now and he owns 24 stores in London along with his bothers.

Domino’s awarded Pali with $3000 prize money as well as the title of Fastest Pizza Maker.