#Fastest Sub Jammer named at annual competition

When you work within a franchise, you are always recognised for your hard work and talent. Franchises often work to certain set standards and systems that have to be adhered to and this means that very often franchise workers will become extremely talented and work to extremely high standards.

That is certainly the case with Subway restaurants which has recently crowned its fastest sandwich maker.
Jennifer Underwood won the Sub Jammers’ Competition at a Subway convention which happens annually in America. Jennifer has worked for Subway for nearly ten years and she competed against 144 other sandwich artists from nine different countries.

The best sandwich makers from all across the world came together to compete against one another but the franchisee who owns the store at which Jennifer works was not surprised that she won because he says that she is very competitive and really dedicated to what she does.

Jennifer made her sandwich is 45.3 seconds which was just ahead of the person who came in second place, who made theirs in 45.5 seconds.

The sandwich artists who took part were judged on speed, appearance and accuracy and each year the competition gets more and more difficult as the franchise workers improve their standards. It’s a great way to keep standards up at Subway and also to reward the hard working employees.