#Fastsigns create yet another amazing design

Recently, it seems as though Fastsigns is never out of the press, and they are regularly featured due to the magnificent services which they have provided to many modern businesses- and this week is certainly no exception.

The latest string to Fastsign’s bow is in the form of a huge mural, which they produced for a brewery in Swansea.

The Swansea based Fastsigns franchise, which is run by Simon Rees, supplied and installed a super-sized mural to the Tomos Watkin’s brewery, and there’s no doubt that this is one of their most extravagant creations yet.

The mural is a gigantic 17 metres in length, and depicts the history of the brewery during years gone by, right up to the modern day- with pictures of the present Tomos Watkin’s Chief Executive- Connie Parry- taking pride of place. Other dedicated members of staff proudly feature on the mural, which took Fastsigns just a few hours to install.

The mural is one of the largest that Fastsigns has ever produced, although Mr Rees is certainly not one to shy away from a challenge.

He commented:

“We were absolutely delighted with how well the mural turned out. To have this huge mural inside the brewery adds a real infusion of colour to the room.

“What FASTSIGNS Swansea can do is offer an outstanding product at a very competitive price.”

We’re sure that it will only be a short matter of time before the fantastic services of Fastsigns are once again in the spotlight.