#FASTSIGNS franchise owner Janie Drury wins a national award

Janie Drury, the Birmingham business owner, is on top of the world after winning a national award for FASTSIGNS. Janie beat over 22 colleague franchise owners in the UK to scoop The FASTSIGNS Award at the UK National Convention and Awards Dinner of the company.

She opened FASTSIGNS Birmingham in 1996 in Great Charles Street, Queensway and has succeeded in taking the company from strength to strength. Simultaneously she also helped other FASTSIGNS holders along the way. Janie’s patience and loyalty were rewarded at the awards dinner of the company. She was praised for the “living the spirit of the FASTSIGNS award” for over 13 years.

Garth Allison, Managing Director for FASTSIGNS UK said that it was a privilege and pleasure to honour Janie with a prize for the franchisee represents the spirit and concept of the FASTSIGNS name, both within the company and in the business community. She is excited to help fellow owners, especially in sharing marketing initiatives and ideas. Garth Allison also said that Janie has been very patient, co-operative, helpful and generous when prospective franchisees visit or call her.

Janie has constantly invested in infrastructure that is required to move the business ahead, and to increase the size, integrity and strength of their network. She also shows similar courage when dealing with customers meaning that she always exceeds their expectations. Though Janie has the FASTSIGNS’ network, knowledge and technology behind her, she still operates her business with an attitude of ‘every job matters’, and does not let down her customers.