#Fastsigns invest in state of the art printer

Swansea based franchise Fastsigns, has invested more than £60,000 in an eco-friendly flat bed printer. The printer will help to make their business more efficient and speed up production, in addition to increasing the capacity and variety of materials which can be printed on.

Owner of Fastsigns, Simon Rees, said that despite poor economic circumstances, they will still continue to invest in their business. The new printer will also help to cut down on manufacturing times, which will eventually reduce costs. The purchase will also help in providing a professional and fast customer service.

On 26th, 27th and 28th of January, Fastsigns held an Open Day, where visitors could view the new top of the range printer. Not only is the printer eco-friendly but it will also allow the company to print near photographic quality images. These images can be printed on a wide variety of materials which are flexible and rigid, including wood, card, plastic, ceramic, metal and glass.

Rees added that it is amazing that Fastsigns can now print on a wider range of materials, which means that customers have a wider range of options.