#Father and son open their third Subway restaurant in the UK

The subway chain of restaurants has another feather in its cap with a new Subway restaurant set to open at the Junction Retail Park in Aylesbury. Father and son, Mark and Chris Seymour are all set to open their third Subway franchise. The new Subway restaurant will employ ten new people and will bring an investment of over a hundred thousand pounds. Chris and Mark Seymour are proud of the third Subway restaurant that will open shortly.

Chris and Mark now run six stores in total, across Hemel Hempstead, High Wycombe and Aylesbury. Mark Seymour has been a franchisee for over eight years and his son Chris has been engaged in running the Subway business before becoming a franchisee himself. Mark Seymour was heard saying that the duo is delighted to open a store in Aylesbury Park which is a pristine family location.

Mark Seymour is very proud that the opening of the store has come against all economic odds. He also said that a new store means new jobs for the people in the area. He also added that the attractive property deals also helped them secure the location. To celebrate this opening, they will have a sale.