#An Introduction To Franchising In China

Last month, Franchise Development Services (FDS), announced the opening of a brand new office in Hong Kong.

We caught up with FDS Hong Kong`s new Joint-Managing Director, Frankie Fan, to find out a little bit more about the Franchise Market in China.

We began by asking Frankie to introduce us to the new FDS Hong Kong offering...

Naturally we are very happy to set up our international office of FDS in Hong Kong, said Fan.

Hong Kong is such a fascinating and dynamic market with many business activities and also a lot of tourists coming to Hong Kong for business and leisure. So I think this is a very dynamic and high market potential to develop franchising in Hong Kong and Macau and China.

What are the key Sectors for franchising in Hong Kong?

There are quite many sectors that will have a high potential in this market. Say for example FMB, as they are very highly populated, they are very high populations in Hong Kong – 7 million population of local Citizens in Hong Kong. And also there are more than 40 million tourists arriving in Hong Kong and Macau.

So I think this is a growing and huge potential market for franchising. So FMB, Retail, and also the Service industries will have a very high potential.