##Former Commando Set To Illuminate Blackpool’s Next Generation
[Premier Sport](/archive/premier-sport/premier-sport-franchise.php) is delighted to welcome Gareth Owen who launches his Blackpool territory this month. The former Royal Marine Commando joins six new starters to Premier Education Group following completion of Premier’s rigorous induction process.

Owen lives in Southport with his wife Kay their two teenage daughters. It is all change this month in the Owen household, as one daughter begins her degree course at Sheffield University and Owen embarks on a new career with Premier.

Prior to Owen`s 20-year plus career in senior sales management roles, he was a Commando with the Royal Marines seeing military action across the world. Owen is modest when describing his time as a Commando, he does acknowledge though that the extreme experiences combined with the team ethos, discipline and drive required, helped him build a successful career.

His experience operating in a variety of sales and account management roles included, FMCG, Sport retail and high end Hifi sectors.

Owen was seeking a new business which offered him the opportunity to combine his key passions which are, giving children the opportunity to be active, to build a business based on ethical values and to use his vast experience in relationship building and sales to maximum effect.

He undertook a detailed research into franchising which included online searches and attending Yhe British Franchise Exhibition, where he was introduced to the British Franchise Association (bfa). It soon became clear to Gareth that Premier Sport were the only physical activity based and sports coaching franchise to consider.

After attending a Discovery Day in June and subsequently meeting local franchisees, Owen was enthused and confidently completed his business plan with the support of the Premier team. His due diligence provided the information he needed to decide that his business would deliver the greatest impact in Blackpool.

We wish Owen every success inspiring the next generation - welcome to Premier family.