#Franchise gets a profit boost because of World Cup marketing

As reported recently, Domino’s Pizza launched a special marketing campaign to fit in with the World Cup.
Customers were invited to order a pizza before the match started so that it could be delivered by half time.
As well as this, the franchise also launched a campaign while Britain’s Got Talent was on. With their advertisements being shown during two very popular events, the Domino’s franchise really couldn’t fail. And it seems that the proof is in their profit figures.

The company have announced that their profits rose by 30 per cent in the first half. Their pre tax profit from January to June 2010 was £17 million and this came from sales worth £91.3 million which is an increase of £17 million on last year.

The company is putting their huge success down to their tactical promotions which included the sponsorship of Britain’s Got Talent for the third year running.

Domino’s Pizza has always been a strong franchise but this recent growth in profits goes to show how a franchise can really develop by using some clever marketing that can reach a huge number of people.