##Franchise Marketing Awards 2015 Winners Announced
The Franchise Marketing Awards winners for 2015 have just been announced. The awards recognise effective and pioneering marketing campagins within the franchise industry.

The winners are:

* Best Print Advert: [Gas-elec](/page/gas-elec-safety-systems/zhgrbx.php)
* Best Website: [Pyjama Drama](/page/pyjama-drama/nfsjao.php)
* Best PR Campaign: [Platinum Property Partners](/page/platinum-property-partners/nuttnd.php)
* Best Franchisee Marketing Support: [Dream Doors](/page/dream-doors/bfoz01.php)
* Best Online Marketing Campaign: [Papa John`s](/page/papa-johns/jxuzao.php)
* Best Overall Marketing Campaign: [Expense Reduction Analysts](/page/expense-reduction-analysts/hxkvtt.php)