#Franchise opportunities in Leicester area

Franchises seem to grow at a much faster pace than normal businesses. And that is normally down to the fact that they are already established and successful and have a strong team to support the franchisees as they take on a new franchise within the network.

Signs Express is an example of a franchise that seems to be growing at a fast pace and this franchise network is now looking for new franchise owners to set themselves up in the Leicester area.

The franchise has singled out this area because there isn’t much competition there at the moment, so it would be a great place for a strong franchise to establish itself.

Franchising is a much more secure way of carrying out business than launching an independent venture. Fewer than seven our off ten independent businesses last more than three years, but there are an estimated 75,000 businesses surviving through franchise networks due to the fact that they operate to a proven business model and have the support behind them.

Signs Express is well established and a highly successful franchise, so there will be plenty of people who will want to get involved in the franchise opportunities offered in the Leicester area.