#Franchise opportunities make the most of the drive for fitness

Fitness has been a real hot topic over the last few years as the country attempts to tackle the growing problem of obesity. And some new franchise opportunities have come about as a result of this.

For example, it has been reported that Razzamataz Theatre School is launching a new family fitness scheme which will begin this summer. And the theatre school is working with Duncan Bannatyne in order to provide drama, dance and singing classes for children.

The Razzamataz Theatre School will house their classes at Bannatynes’ clubs after Duncan invested in the idea on BBC’s Dragon’s Den.

The idea of the new classes is to encourage children to exercise through getting the whole family involved. The director of Razzamataz Denise Hutton Gosney, is working closely with Duncan Bannatyne with the support of his chain of gyms. The aim is to get families working out together and to increase the fitness of the country. The entire family can take a trip to the Bannatynes gyms and take part in a variety of activities.

Razzamataz started out at Bannatynes Health Club in Durham and since this has been such a huge success, the idea is being launched in Ayr.