#Franchise success for couple

Snack in the Box has proved to be a winning franchise for so many franchisees. And one couple who are enjoying working for this company is Karla and Vitor Reis.

They moved from Portugal eight months ago and they took on the franchise hoping for a more relaxed pace of life. And that is exactly what they got because the couple now finish work by 3pm in the afternoon and get to spend a lot more time together than they did when they were working hard in Portugal.

This is the thing that attracts so many people to franchising – because it is such a flexible way of working.
The couple are based in Northamptonshire and they have enjoyed the success of the franchise so much so far that they are hoping to expand with some vending machines very soon.

The couple are now working half the hours that they were working when they lived in Portugal and they expect to be taking up to £30,000 home with them this year. But this is not enough for them as they are very ambitious so they are looking forward to expanding soon.