#Franchisee of Signs Express creates history in BFA

Ken Bevis, a franchisee of Signs Express, has been elected as one of the first franchisees to sit on the board of the British Franchise Association (BFA). He was appointed to attend because of his previous work with other committees of the BFA.

The BFA is the self governing body which helps franchisors and franchisees to work smoothly. This decision to appointing a franchisee to attend meetings will help in enhancing the wider views of BFA’s ‘One Vision’ ethos.

The ‘One Vision’ programme of BFA highlights various new structures of funding, accreditation, governance and also of franchisee membership. Nowadays, the BFA is providing more representation for franchisees. The recent appointment of Bevis is one of the main steps which will help in the development of these structures.

Bevis said that they need to encourage all franchisees to realise the changes which have taken place in the BFA. In addition, the franchise industry plays an important role in the UK, so everyone needs to recognise this as soon as possible.

Operating from Grimsby since 1992, Ken Bevis is one of the founding members of the Signs Express network and he was also given the franchisee of the year award in 2009.