#Good News For ChipsAway As YouGov Research Reveals Market Potential

Once again a YouGov poll has confirmed that the brand best known to the British motorist for automotive paintwork repairs is ChipsAway, with almost half of those surveyed citing the company’s name.

In further good news for ChipsAway’s nationwide network of franchisees, the research confirmed that the potential marketplace for minor paintwork repairs is massive, with 67% motorists questioned indicating that their car had damage that was suitable a ChipsAway repair.

Commenting on the key findings, ChipsAway Chief Executive Tim Harris said: “YouGov is a well respected indicator of views and attitudes across Britain, and we’re delighted to discover that awareness of the ChipsAway brand is up again this year, with 46% of motorists citing the ChipsAway brand without being prompted. This is without doubt due to the combination of high profile national advertising, including a new TV campaign, as well as word of mouth recommendation to others from happy customers – a major source of new business leads for our franchisees.”

He added: “With approximately 34 million cars on the road, we estimate - based on these YouGov findings – that around 22 million vehicles require our services. Of course, we already knew that ChipsAway enjoyed a massive, constantly replenishing pool of customers, but it’s great to have the scale of the opportunity confirmed in this way. Our focus going forward will be to continue to build up awareness of our brand and promote the unique service we offer, to achieve wider recognition and generate more new business leads for our network.”

ChipsAway is the UK’s longest established automotive paintwork repair specialist, with a nationwide network of around 350 specialists providing high quality on-the-spot repairs to minor damage such as paintwork scratches, bumper scuffs and kerbed alloy wheels. Repairs are completed within a matter of hours and at a fraction of the cost of traditional body shop repair methods. With 34 million cars on the road and over 17 million repair opportunities each year, ChipsAway estimate that they currently only deal with 3% of market demand.
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