#An Exclusive Interview with the Granite Transformations COO

With an impressive website and a unique market offering, Granite Transformations is taking the Home Improvement sector by storm in the UK, with their no fuss, no mess approach to kitchen transformations.

We caught up with Danny Hanlon, COO of Granite Transformations, to find out more about the offering.

Introduce us to Granite Transformations
Granite Transformations started 18 years ago, and we came to the UK about 10 years ago.

We have a very unique material, which is only 7mm thick and we put this directly over existing kitchen worktops. We do about 8,000 worktops a month using this process worldwide. The essence of the business is that we can transform somebody’s kitchen in as little as one day with no mess, no fuss, and no upheaval.

What makes a successful franchisee?
The qualities we look for in our franchisees is for them to be very self-motivated, disciplined, high sense of organisation. They’ve got to be really good people managers, because they’ve got to be able to build their team and work with salespeople as well as technical fitters, so they’re the sorts of things that we look for.