##Harry Ramsden’s Welcomed Into bfa Family
Harry Ramsden’s, the iconic British brand, world famous for its Fish and Chips, is one of the latest names to be added to the much sought after list of members of the British Franchise Association (bfa).

Harry Ramsden’s has been serving its mouth-watering brand of Britain’s most popular dish to generations of families for more than 85 years, with customers old and new coming back for the great taste that makes up every portion.

Annual spending in the UK on its trademark dish is estimated to be in the region of £1.2 billion, and it is Harry Ramsden’s belief that expansion through franchising will provide a win-win scenario for not only the brand, but also franchisees and customers.

The company plans to increase its food service sales tenfold within the next five years, while at the same time cementing a presence internationally. The latter of these goals took a significant step forward in recent weeks with Harry Ramsden’s announcing that it had been granted its first international franchise in over a decade to well-known Qatari business, Ahmed Hassan Bilal Trading and Contracting Company.