#Huge success for All Trades Network

It’s amazing how quickly franchises can grow. And one franchise that can show this is All Trades Network. One franchisee from this network in particular has managed to really impress his team by preparing to take on a second territory just three years after starting with the All Trades Network.

Paul Dennis received the All Trades Network Franchise Owner of the Year award in 2010 and is set to achieve £500,000 turnover.

Paul has really taken to the franchise but he thinks that a lot of the success is down to his previous experiences as he has owned a franchise before.

It wasn’t only his experience that helped though because the franchise offered Paul a training course that could prepare him for his duties running a franchise. Paul also knows that if he ever needs any help, he can pick up the phone and ask for help from his franchisor.

Business is now booming for Paul and he is now aiming to achieve a turnover of £500,000 for this year. He’s already planning his next success though and hopes to buy another territory soon, meaning that his staff will also increase.