#Ideal Weight - Making a Difference to People`s Lives

Ideal Weight is a franchise firmly focussed on offering its Customers the tools they need to succeed in reaching their own fitness goals. From Meal Plans and recipes, to Cognitive support and training, the company aims to make a difference to People`s lives.

We caught up with the Ideal Weight team at a recent event to ask them what makes the franchise so unique.

What Sets the Ideal Weight Franchise Apart?
What sets Ideal Weight apart as a Franchise is that it’s an opportunity for people who not only want to have a good living, but actually make a difference to People’s lives.

So we use Cognitive Coaching, to help people really understand what’s going on with their relationship with food, and the combination of coaching with our Meal Plans helps people lose weight and in turn gives people an opportunity to do some good work.

What Makes a Successful Franchisee?
We’re looking for people who have got good business skills, who are going to have the ability to go out and network, meet people, talk to people and encourage them to come along to an Ideal Weight coaching session and learn what it’s about.

But we are also looking for people who are empathetic and have the skills to be able to Coach people, and have got good enough communications skills to be able to connect with people and help them on their journey.