#Increased support to be given to Maid2Clean franchise owners

Franchise owners need all the help they can get and that is exactly what cleaning franchise, Maid2Clean is offering their franchise owners. Graeme Pirie, a Maid2Clean franchise owner has been appointed Operations Director in order to provide more support to the company’s business partners.

The role of the Operations Director will include providing new franchise owners with in-depth training and also offer current Maid2Clean businesses ongoing support and training.

Mike Hanrahan, Managing Director for the company, said that the company’s franchise owners are probably aware that Pirie is to date the most successful Maid2Clean franchise owner. He has shown excellent technical and managerial expertise in consistently increasing his business by about 200 clients every year for the past four years.

Pirie joined the franchise in 2005 and currently conducts business with more than 800 clients with a turnaround of more than £ 250,000. Pirie said that he realised that different people had different goals for their businesses. While there are some who will be content with the performance and growth they have already achieved, there may be others who would appreciate additional support.

Of course the company wants to provide their support to those who want to further increase their business. He also said that there will be initial changes which will simplify the franchise’s activities and will help to focus attention on generating revenue.