#Introducing Billy Milton- a new CityLocal franchisee

Billy Milton is a new franchisee for CityLocal for the Hemel Hempstead area. Billy was working in corporate training before he came across the business opportunity offered by the CityLocal franchise.

Billy said that, although he was working in corporate training, he wanted to get involved with a growing business. He decided to invest in the CityLocal franchise as it offers various benefits to business owners.

Billy further stated that online promotion is the future of advertising, and that he wants local businesses to promote themselves. He took a shine to the websites and marketing material of CityLocal, and was also impressed by the Head Office backup which is available to franchisees.

Recently, CityLocal has come up with various offers which help beginners to invest their money. These offers include several start-up packages with low cost entry options, which will help the franchisees to run their businesses smoothly from the start.

The products and marketing strategies are excellent for those who like home based businesses, and also offer low overheads and great growth potential.

These features make CityLocal perfect for individuals like Billy, who want to own a franchise.