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New research from Cartridge World has revealed that over a quarter of consumers incorrectly believe they risk invalidating the warranty of their printer if they use a different brand of printer cartridge. According to an independent survey commissioned by printer cartridge specialists, Cartridge World, over a quarter of consumers incorrectly believe they risk invalidating the warranty of their printer if they choose to use a different brand of ink or laser cartridge.

Furthermore, one in 10 of those questioned incorrectly believe using a different brand of printer cartridge would damage their printer.
Cartridge World’s survey has exposed the nation’s misconception around using a different brand of printer cartridge. It reveals that nearly 40% of those questioned said they had been informed by automated messages on their printer to use the same brand of ink or toner as the printer. Over a third of respondents (34%) claimed they were incorrectly informed by a retailer that using an alternative printer cartridge could damage the printer or actually invalidate its warranty.

Allan Corder, CEO of Cartridge World UK, said: “It appears there is a common misconception, or myth, that using a different brand of printer cartridge will invalidate the warranty of your printer. This clearly isn’t true. When buying a printer cartridge, consumers should be aware they do not need to purchase the same brand as the printer they have at home, or in the office. We are keen to put the record straight and dispel the myth that only printer-branded cartridges need to be used.

Corder continued: “At Cartridge World, we understand the importance of making consumers and businesses aware of the wide range of choice available, both in terms of value and quality. We have our own quality brand of ink and laser printer cartridges that are compatible with all major brands of printers for home and business use. They’re a great value alternative to printer brands. In fact, you can enjoy savings of up to 30% by switching to Cartridge World*, plus we offer a free printer audit through our Business Direct Service. We know from listening to our customers they want better value than printer brands offer. In each of our 140 UK stores, we offer friendly printing expertise on your doorstep, as well as helpful advice – it’s all part of the service. We’re proud to say we can help consumers and businesses make the right choice on the printer and cartridges to suit their needs.”

*Compared to the original printer-branded cartridges. Source: GfK; Inkjet Cartridge Mass Merchandisers channel; Jan-March 2014; Average Selling Price (£GBP)
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