#Jane and Sue Maclaughlin share their ‘Bluebird Care franchise’ experience

Unsatisfied with the level of care that their father received, sisters Jane and Sue Maclaughlin decided to look into starting their own care at home business. As neither of them had any prior experience in this sector, the sisters decided to join a well established brand, Bluebird Care. The sisters believed that as a way of getting into the business, investing in the Bluebird Care franchise was a low risk option, as they would have complete access to a proven business model, along with ongoing support from the company.

Presently in Northern Ireland, the care at home business is widely regulated. Therefore, it has been crucial for the Maclaughlin sisters to have franchisor support behind them. With the help of Bluebird Care, they launched their own franchise in Coleraine in a matter of months, and are already experiencing monthly growth.

However, in order to become business partners, one of them had to relocate. Sue has said she was happy to leave her local government job in England and return to Northern Ireland because of the opportunities available in this new territory. She plays an active role in the daily running of the business, whereas Jane still continues to teach.

Sue went on to explain that when the business is fully established, Jane will also join her on a full-time basis so that the responsibility is shared, but for the time being, Sue receives continual support from the Bluebird Care head office.