#John Hollins grosses a turnover of over a million pounds within the first year of owning a CeX store

John Hollins is now a successful CeX store owner. Success however, has come to John Hollins steadily with his CeX franchise. When John first opened his store, his immediate goal was to achieve a turnover of about £850,000. John was pleasantly surprised when he discovered that the profits from his CeX store had not only surpassed his expectation, but had also crossed over the magical one-million pound turnover mark within the first year of its existence. John’s profits have also grown during the recession which hit in 2008.

John proudly states that one of the best parts about a CeX franchise is that it runs on a business model which is highly profitable. John has further called the business model adopted by CeX as to being recession-proof and the one which offers excellent benefits when the economy is working fine.

Before starting a CeX franchise, John had no experience in the field of retailing. He was a hotelier who catered to small and medium sized markets. John eventually started getting bored with his hotel business and wanted to start something new. John first read about CeX in the franchise magazine and took a liking to their methods of working. Moreover, John also liked gadgets, so it was almost like combining the two important likes of his life to make a business plan.