##Leisure Industry Manager To Premier Business Owner
Samantha Barton joins the Premier network from the Leisure Industry where she worked as Community Engagement Manager in Suffolk. This is where she first witnessed [Premier Sport](/archive/premier-sport/premier-sport-franchise.php) in action, through the work the local franchisee was doing during the holiday period in her Leisure Centre. This really is the case that she liked what she saw to decided to buy into the Premier family.

Barton`s role within the Leisure Centre encompassed helping address health inequalities by working with key stakeholders and community groups and driving activity participation across the county. Prior to this role, she was a key member of the Inspire Suffolk programme running the Princes Trust Team Programme, inspiring, motivating and improving education and life chances of young people in Suffolk. It was through these two challenging roles that Samantha became aware of Premier Sport. Also, it just so happens that the Ipswich Premier Sport franchise is the largest in the in the UK so it was no surprise that whenever Barton came across a primary school, Premier Sport was there.

Barton has been in the perfect position over this time to observe Premier Sport and Premier Performing Arts in action. She certainly liked what she saw and took the steps to find out more.

Prior to her rewarding roles in Suffolk, Barton worked at a leading premium health club based in Switzerland. Her responsibilities as Regional Sales & Marketing Manager included promoting the brand and membership across 10 countries and 75 clubs. In addition to enjoying a career inspiring a wide selection of people from diverse backgrounds, she was awarded a BSC (Hons) in Sports Science Degree. In 2014 she raised more than £3,000 for the Princes Trust by running the London Marathon.

With the launch of her Premier Platinum business this month, Barton embarks on a new chapter with her career and her personal life. Barton has combined the launch of her business with setting up a new home, by moving to Brighton. She’s looking forward to the challenge of launching her new Premier business in Worthing. She has a clear plan and vision on how to achieve success.

Barton clearly demonstrates through her career to date and her positive mindset, that she has the key attributes to be a success.

A warm welcome to the Premier Team.