#LIPA 4:19 celebrates a shift in attitude

Although papers and magazines seem permanently plastered with WAGs, they are not as influential as some would have us believe.

In fact, it has been revealed by LIPA 4:19, a performing arts school franchise, that more young girls would like to be like talented teen actors than like WAGs and glamour models.

The franchise carried out a survey and found that just under half of the girls surveyed, between the ages of ten and 16 said that they aspire to be teen sensation Miley Cyrus. Another popular choice with the young girls was Lea Michelle from popular television show Glee.

In the majority of cases, these actresses were chosen by the young girls because of their talent and success rather than their fame and fortune. The franchise was happy with the outcome of the survey, stating that it’s great that young girls are looking up to people with more to them than WAGs and glamour models.

This shift in ambitions of young girls has meant that franchises such as LIPA 4:19 have enjoyed an increase in their success.

More and more people are showing an interest in their classes and the company has already set up a franchise within a high school which is proving really popular.