#Maid2Clean has launched a new online marketing tool for their franchisees

The Maid2Clean franchise has come up with a new online marketing resource for all its franchisees. This is a unique method of marketing which is offered to the franchisees at no cost.

Franchise Connect, a print shop, helps franchisors design marketing tools. They have helped Maid2Clean with the online marketing resource. All the franchisees can get access to the website with the help of their user ID and password.

The franchisees can make use of the Maid2Clean online tools while ordering marketing, advertising, web services, print and other materials. This portal has been specifically designed in such a way that it offers convenience, security and also quick service to the franchisees.

One of the best things about the Maid2Clean portal is that it guarantees the franchisees will receive the products on time. In addition to this, the online tools also offer a satisfying shopping experience.

Moreover, Franchise Connect also provides a helpline for Maid2Clean franchisees which will help in supplying the goods which are listed in the portal.

All the Maid2Clean franchisees will now have access to a wide range of products through this online resource.