#Marla Custom Blinds cut franchise fees

In a bid to grow and entice potential new franchisees, Marla Custom blinds have introduced a great new deal.

Those who wish to start a Marla Custom Blinds franchise now only need to invest around £10,000 in start up fees, as the licence fee has been scrapped as the franchise aims to expand throughout the UK.

Those who were initially deterred by the licence fee now have the opportunity to be a part of this highly successful franchise without having to find further funds.

However, potential franchisees should be aware that they will need to fund a training course, initial and future marketing and promotional materials and any other essentials necessary for the successful running of a franchise. These are vital in ensuring that franchisees get
the best possible start and can enjoy continued success.

As Marla Custom Blinds has such a fantastic reputation and ever-expanding customer base, new franchisees can rest assured that they are investing in a franchise which really does produce positive results and amazing job satisfaction.

Martin Froud, Managing Director of Marla Custom Blinds, explained:
“We’re looking for franchise owners to help us expand outside of the Portsmouth and Southampton areas. You don’t need any experience in this business, so almost anyone could do it.

“The significantly reduced entry cost gives an added incentive to potential franchisees that have real business drive, but might be held back by a lack of investment capital.”
Interested parties should contact the franchise direct.