#Martin & Co franchisees celebrate quick success

As people decide to take the plunge into the world of franchising, there is always that little niggling doubt. Although franchising is a much more secure way of getting into business than starting your own one, there are still risks associated with it.

But that’s not something that Richard Oldaker, owner of Martin & Co’s Aldershot office has to worry about. Because this franchise is comfortably ahead of target, by £8000, less than a year after signing the franchise agreement.

Richard Oldaker says he is sticking to the business plan that he and fellow franchise owner James Wiggins created with Martin & Co and that the franchisor was really supportive in the lead up to the launch as well as with issues such as getting finance in place. Both franchisees have sales experience but they have learned a huge amount in this business venture so far.

The pair seem to be working well as a team and are enjoying the independence that being a franchise owner can give you. Before they began their venture, they were confident about certain aspects of starting the business but lacked experience in other areas. The great thing was that the franchisor was there to support them and offer guidance on the areas that they needed help with.
And judging by their huge success so far, they make a very good team.