#McDonald’s Franchise – Nigel Dunnington’s success story

Starting as a trainee manager at McDonald’s Marble Arch restaurant in London, Nigel has worked with McDonald’s for more than twenty six years. He has completed a degree in catering and hotel management and from there; Nigel has worked his way up to Regional Manager for the North of the UK, followed by Chief Operations Officer and eventually went on to be the Head of Worldwide Operations for McDonalds Worldwide head office which is based in Chicago.

Three years later, he decided to move back to the UK along with his wife and two children to be closer to rest of his family. Soon, Nigel settled down into his new position at McDonalds as Europe’s SVP of Training and Operations.

Nigel who became a franchisee of McDonald`s by taking ownership of five restaurants in the Preston area said that whilst working for the company, he missed the daily face to face contact he had with customers, staff and the buzz of being in the branch. The fact that he was purchasing five restaurants was once an exciting prospect. He felt that his experience in the business provided him with the best possible foundation and he was delighted to ultimately fulfil his ambition of having his own restaurants.

Presently, Nigel employs 280 people throughout his chain of restaurants and as an owner of a franchise the sales figures have grown by approximately £1 million. Running five businesses at once can be challenging but the variety helps to maintain enthusiasm as well as keeping things interesting.