#McDonald’s in talks to be the only branded eatery at London 2012

Fast food giants McDonald’s could become the only branded eatery of the 2012 Olympic venues in London. McDonald’s has been in talks with the respective authorities to see this deal through. If McDonald’s is to become the sole eatery for the London 2012 Olympics, sources say that it would create a large number of job opportunities for the franchise.

If the deal is to come through, this would mean that other vendors would have to sell their product at the venues by changing the label or removing the name.

A high ranking McDonald’s official said that the fast food chain was in talks with the concerned parties. The McDonald’s team is already an essential part of the Olympics after it struck a large multibillion pound deal with the Internal Olympics Committee.

In related news, beverage moguls Coca Cola have struck a deal with the Olympics Committee which makes them the only non alcoholic vendor at the Olympics in 2012