#McDonald`s continues to grow

It’s one of the strongest franchises in the world and there can’t be many people who aren’t familiar with those famous arches and it seems that the restaurants continue to grow from strength to strength.

McDonald`s has announced that comparable store sales rose 4.8 per cent in May. Same store sales went up 5.7 per cent in Europe. Perhaps this is no surprise when you consider that it is the largest restaurant chain in the world.

The success of McDonald`s stems from the fact that the food is convenient, fast and cost effective and the franchise continues to grow at a fast pace. Despite already having almost 33,000 locations across 110 countries, McDonald`s still opens around 1000 new stores each year.

They have a very clear strategy in mind and they continue to release new products that keep the customers coming back. They have recently added speciality coffees to their menu and they have also launched cold summer drinks such as smoothies and frappes for their customers to try.

Their new aim is to focus on the drinks and to become an established beverage company. This new plan is sure to be a success because it seems that this franchise can do no wrong in the eyes of the consumers.