#McDonalds franchises set to receive makeover

Those golden arches are instantly recognisable right across the world. And there can’t be many people left in the country who can say that they have never tasted one of their famous burgers.

But we might be seeing some changes to the McDonalds franchise in the near future as it has been announced that some McDonalds restaurants are to face a makeover.

There have been changes taking place at McDonalds for years now; with healthier food being added to the menu and speciality drinks being made available. As well as this, some franchises have been redecorated to bring them up to date.

But changes of the future could be a little more dramatic. The fast food franchise is reportedly planning to spend $5 billion to remodel thousands of its American restaurants. The new look restaurants will feature plasma TVs, lounge chairs and even fireplaces. The idea is to create a more relaxed feel similar to the coffee house atmosphere of places such as Starbucks.

These improvements could also be carried out in restaurants in the UK too in a bid to attract new customers and boost sales.

The franchises may be getting a bit of a face lift, but needless to say, it’ll still be their tasty burgers that will continue to attract the crowds.