#McDonalds surpasses sales expectations this month

McDonalds, the fast food specialists, reported a 4.3% rise in sales for the last month. This rise of 4.3% was better than expected for the last month also. One of the main causes for its rise was the heavy contribution of United Kingdom franchises. The US firms said in a statement that the sales in Europe rose to 7.2% more than the previous figure and the sales percentage in USA and Asia Pacific were up by 2.6%.

In the USA, the fast food chain has seen the sales of old fashioned items like McCafe coffees, Big Macs and McNuggets rising sharply.

Jack Russo, the analyst from Edward Jones, said that Europe’s sales rise was much more than expected and that the United Kingdom and France were the driving forces behind the rise. UBS analyst David Palmer on the other hand said that the Europe rise would slow down eventually, since they were worried about sales in France especially going down over a period of time, but the situation of the present rise in sales was heartening to everyone related to McDonalds. This seems to be good news for the fast food giants McDonalds