With 190 different chemical products and 576 different ancillary products, Chemex is a Franchise that has grown increasingly successful since its formation 30 years ago.

We met up with Chemex Managing Director, Michael Graham, to find out from them what makes a successful Franchise Owner.

We began by inviting Michael to introduce us to the brand...

Chemex is a 30 year old franchise, said Michael. It’s been around a long, long time so it’s been through the thick and thin - economically - including upturn and downturns. And really it’s the fact that it sells necessities, rather than luxuries, that keeps it going very, very strong. Because people have to buy these things.

We’re a Business to Business franchise, and at the end of a long, hard day we’ve got Customers who have been buying from us for 25-30 years.

What we really wanted to find out is, in the eyes of such a well established and long-serving franchise brand, what makes for a successful franchisee?

What you’re looking for is somebody whose got some drive, some energy, somebody whose going to be enthusiastic.

But primarily when we’re doing the discovery days and we’re interviewing people, we’re looking for people that can communicate, people that have some intelligence… AND are likeable. And it’s the likeability factor that’s really important for us.

Chemex offer full training and support to their Franchise Owners and you can find out [more information on them here](http://www.theukfranchisedirectory.net/page/chemex-international-ltd-uk/chemex-franchise.php).
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