#Michelle Jarvis rewarded with 2 all-expenses paid trips

After purchasing a second Molly Maid franchise, the average weekly turnover of Michelle Jarvis has gone up from £3,500 to £6,500. Michelle Jarvis has in fact such a high level of turnover she is able to join the President Circle of Molly Maid. Additionally, she has also won travel incentives from Molly Maid for two consecutive years. As a result of this, she has also been rewarded with 2 all expenses paid holidays to Crete and the Bahamas courtesy of Molly Maid.

In 2002, Michelle joined Molly Maid with an initial territory that covered Sutton Coldfield, and later on took the additional Lichfield territory in 2006. She said that her intention was to build up and expand the business of Molly Maid and as there were no franchises of Molly Maid in the surrounding area, there was a lot of scope for expansion. Initially, she had 6 cars on the road and presently 7-8 cars depending on the demand. Currently, she also has 3 part time and 14 full-time members.

Michelle also said that her ultimate goal was to expand the Molly Maid brand throughout the West Midlands. She is also hoping to have 10 cars on the road by 2010 and at the same time she is also looking to win the current Molly Maid travel incentive. This time an all expenses paid holiday to Antigua is on the cards, which she thinks will be an ideal place to celebrate her 10 year wedding anniversary to her husband Marius.