#Millie`s Cookies modifies its global brand identity for a wider consumer appeal

Millie’s Cookies is a UK chain of bakeries which specialises in muffins, cookies, hot drinks and gifts. With 107 bakeries all over the UK, Millie’s Cookies is one of the premier bakery franchises in the UK. Millie’s Cookies has recently turned over a new leaf by totally refreshing its global brand identity.

Millie’s Cookies plans to shift its customer base to appeal to a core customer base of sixteen to twenty five year old women. This change is aimed at bringing a larger customer base to the Millie’s Cookies franchise. Founded in 1985, Millie’s Cookies have franchises at all major train stations and airports in the UK.

The new design employs fresh, bright and feminine colours in a bid to attract a larger female consumer base. Refurbished in a contemporary fashion, the new design strives to create a welcoming vibe according to Millie’s Cookies officials. The new designs will be updated onto uniforms, packaging and in store.

Millie’s Cookies also plans to focus on cookie gifts and gift ideas like celebration cookie boxes etc. The point of sale equipment will also be refurbished to accord with the new designs. The fresh look has been applied to stores in Germany, France, Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK.