#Molly Maid survey reveals mums feel guilty for getting help with domestic tasks

A Molly Maid survey which questioned 3,000 mums about their work-life balance found that a mere six per cent of them would have domestic help, even though two-thirds of them took responsibility for cleaning.

The survey found that while three quarters of respondents worked three days or more each week, only a third used time-saving services for daily tasks – things such as online grocery shopping, for example. Half said that they don’t get the help they need with the cleaning and a third said these tasks affect their relationship negatively. Even worse than that, a third also said that they spent less than an hour with their families having what they deemed to be ‘quality time’ each day.

Pam Bader OBE, the chief executive of Molly Maid, said:

“It’s easy to forget all the help that’s available these days - whether it’s online shopping, childminders, gardeners or other services such as those offered by Molly Maid. However, services like these should be regarded as an affordable necessity as they can help give back the precious and irreplaceable family time, and of course all important ‘me-time’, mums would otherwise struggle to fit in.”