#Molly Maid teams up with cinemas to celebrate offbeat comedy ‘Sunshine Cleaning’

Molly Maid franchise, the most experienced and reputed domestic cleaning company of the UK, has planned a celebration of the release of the famous offbeat comedy film ‘Sunshine Cleaning’ by teaming up with all local cinemas across the UK. The film which stars Amy Adams and Emily Blunt is scheduled for general release on June 26.

Molly Maid has announced a prize for one lucky winner. Local press and local cinema halls are advertising this competition in which the winner will be presented with a voucher by Molly Maid, who will visit his or her house and clean from top to bottom until it sparkles.

Molly Maid, which is one of the most experienced and well known domestic cleaning companies in the UK, has been serving people for the last 25 years. Molly Maid franchise is very excited to be teaming up with this hilarious comedy film. According to Pam Bader, Molly Maid is a strong and famous brand in the UK and partnerships of this kind further strengthen Molly Maid’s brand awareness nationally.

Domestic cleaning services have acquired more importance in people’s lives and are becoming an essential element of the household budget. With the busy nature of peoples’ daily lives these days, people now resent spending their free time on domestic work. More and more people are seeking Molly Maid’s high quality, reliable services to keep their homes ever sparkling.

Molly Maid is celebrating growth of its customer base with release of ‘Sunshine Cleaning’ and who knows you could be that lucky winner!