#Molly Maid thrives despite credit crunch and budget

Small businesses may be suffering because of the credit crunch and an imminent VAT increase, but the domestic cleaning market remains strong and the Molly Maid franchise remains at the head of it

Where once domestic cleaning was largely a ‘cash-in-hand’ sort of industry, these days more professional organisations are making headway, with Molly Maid perhaps the most significant name, making use of a franchise model which allows franchisees to benefit from the brand recognition and business plan that has already been built up right from the outset.

The chief executive of Molly Maid UK, Pam Bader OBE, said:

There is enormous scope in the market for the right type of people. Businesses like Molly Maid are very reliable - they can`t be replaced by technology and operate in a secure business sector with very high growth potential. They enjoy high consumer demand with steady repeat business.”

Molly Maid looks for business-minded individuals to run each of its franchises who understand how important it is that their staff are well trained and appreciate their responsibilities. Bader says that motivated individuals who follow the business system can get five Molly Maid cars on the road within their first 18 months.