MOLLY MAID franchises have always played integral roles in the communities they live and operate in. From sponsoring school sports teams and creating job opportunities within the community, to contributing to local charities to help their communities thrive. We have many customers who are elderly, infirm or have disabilities both physical and mental, which we provide regular cleaning services for. In some instances, our teams of maids would be the only people those customers would see all week and very much look forward to each visit. 

Following the lockdown, our teams knew the impact social distancing and self-isolation would have on their more vulnerable customers. Therefore, we have countless stories where are Franchise Owners and their teams have gone above and beyond to support their customers and the local community. Below are just a couple of these amazing acts of kindness:

Despite not being able to provide her customers with a cleaning service at this time, Tessa De Klerk, Franchise Owner of MOLLY MAID Brighton, is calling her elderly customers every other day just to chat, ensure they are well and give them some social contact and a window to the outside world. Whilst her teams, even though they are unable to work at this time, have remained in close contact with these customers and have been collecting shopping and prescriptions and leaving them on their customers’ doorsteps.

Sadly, our Franchise Owners Dez Ward and Emma Lea from York and Harrogate found out on Monday a long-standing customer's wife had passed away over the weekend. Not being able to get out to visit the gentleman, they arranged for a tin of biscuits to be delivered with a note offering their deepest sympathy and support to drop off any supplies that he might need. 

Finally, a maid from the same team in York & Harrogate had offered on Monday evening to pick up a loaf of bread and drop it off to an elderly lady of 80 who she was due to clean the following day. Unfortunately, after Boris’s announcement on Monday night all cleans were suspended, however, despite this, the maid still completed the 20-mile trip in her own time to leave a loaf of bread on the ladies doorstep as promised.