One thing that always surprises people who are new to franchising is the rate at which their new franchise can grow. And another thing which seems difficult to believe is the fact that even though a new store has just opened, it can already have queues out of the door of loyal customers.

When you enter the world of franchising, your franchise will already have an established brand and customer base behind it. You won’t need to struggle to get your name out there because it will be well known and will usually have been proved a success already.

That’s what new franchise owners Margaret Watret and Kevin Sangster found when they opened up a new branch of Baguette Express in Edinburgh’s Gyle shopping centre.

The mother and son team explained that they have never been as busy in any other shops as they were in the first two days of opening.

They have already recruited five staff and hope that they will be able to recruit even more as business grows. Baguette Express has grown into a really strong brand and is now one of the fastest growing healthy snacking chains in Britain.