Since starting back in 1987, Husse has continually strived to develop and create the best natural healthy pet foods alongside chemical free healthcare products for dogs, cats and horses.

As the global leaders in pet food home delivery, Husse continues to respond to varying market trends making sure its products meet the needs of pet owners and their pets, and as a business, stay on top of its competitors.

Here is how Husse's team of product developers have helped us stay ahead of the game.


Not all pets are the same; just like humans, pets have intolerances too! In addition to the vast range of dry and wet food produced by Husse over the past 30 years, we have in the last few years introduced a plethora of hypoallergenic, grain and gluten free foods and snacks using a variety of protein sources and a revolutionary composition of vegetable fibre.

Snack & Treats

What good is super healthy pet food without super healthy snacks & treats? It is a known fact that those pleasures for pets in between meals can be the main culprit when it comes to obesity and dental problems. Husse's range of natural snacks & treats, including tasty dental care products, means pets can enjoy a super healthy munch throughout the whole day without the worry of weight gain.

Natural Supplements

It isn't just humans that require a helping hand now and again to alter their diet by way of supplements. Husse offers a unique range of natural chemical free supplements for pets including salmon oil, Chondroitin & Glucosamine for joint health, healing creams for rashes and even anti-stress remedies for those dreaded bonfire nights!

Products for Professionals

Husse's Professional range of products was specifically designed for breeders, kennels and for locations with a large number of dogs & cats. The Pro range offers franchisees a great opportunity to build a healthy B2B customer base.

Branding & Packaging

Husse's modern bright and colourful packaging with its fun and generic branding was introduced to attract the eye of pet owners, ideal for showing off at shows and events!

Online Presence

Husse products can now be found on online marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay. In 2016, Husse UK's central website changed its platform to the powerful Magento. Husse's ever increasing online presence means customers can find us when ever they want us.

Take the opportunity...

For the past 30 years, more than 1000 people globally have grasped the opportunity and set up their own local pet food business using Husse's business platform, selling high quality pet food whilst at the same time receiving the ongoing benefit of bespoke support from Husse's main offices.

We know that there's a strong demand for our products and with almost 45% of households owning a pet, you too can get a healthy share of this thriving industry.

Husse UK are inviting ambitious and motivated applicants who enjoy meeting new people and pets. Contact us today using the form below to arrange a no obligation discovery meeting at our headquarters based on the outskirts of London where you can find out more about the Husse franchise business, its products and history.