#MSP Michael McMahon visits McDonald’s franchise in Hamilton

Member of Scottish Parliament for Hamilton North and Bellshill constituency, Michael McMahon, got a whiff of what goes on behind the counter of a fast food restaurant when he was shown around the newly renovated McDonalds restaurant that is located at the Palace Ground in Hamilton.

The tour was arranged last Monday when Jack Glen opened his newly renovated restaurant which cost £350,000. Glen, who is the franchisee of the restaurant, was the host for the tour and showed the MSP around.

Jack Glen operates and owns two restaurants in Hamilton. They are the only two franchises of McDonalds and have a combined workforce of 140 people.

The visit gave the MSP an opportunity to gain an insight into the franchise business and also let him take a look at the upgraded restaurant in all its splendour.

Jack Glen has a similar restaurant at the Douglas Park Retail Park, and had a similar refurbishment carried out on this restaurant last year.

The tour also showed the MSP a typical working day in the life of McDonalds. Glen expressed his enthusiasm about the visit saying that he hoped Mr. McMahon would leave having learnt more about the way his business operates and the changes that have been made to the franchise.