#Netstationer franchise owner Phil Marshall all set to achieve his goals

After working as an employee for almost 26 years, Phil Marshall decided to start his own franchising business. Presently, the Netstationers franchise owner, Phil is all set to accomplish sales of more than £1 million. Phil said that despite the recession, Netstationers are performing pretty well with his own business being up by 30 per cent. He also said that the unique selling point of their company is the company-owned technology that facilitates customers to maintain complete visibility and control over their commodity and other stationery procurement. This is particularly helpful for companies with numerous sites, which means they are picking up plenty of large contracts.

By taking advantage of the business model of Netstationers, Phil and his consumers benefit from shared purchasing power of huge entity and an efficient business model. Therefore, Netstationers franchise owners are able to offer products with lower overall administration overheads and prices as compared to conventional contract office suppliers, mail order specialists and dealers.

After operating his Devon and Cornwall based Netstationers franchise for almost two years, Phil loves the reality that he is in complete control of his own fate. He said that the potential to get a daily pay rise adds a great excitement and motivation. He further continued saying that his major goal is to create his own £1 million business within 3 years while having complete fun in doing it. He is happy to say that he is ahead of his schedule and if not able to do it now, he will be doing it by middle of next year.