##New Market Opens For Further Education Sector
As Further Education (FE) colleges await details of the Government’s spending review, British independent training provider, [Pitman Training](/archive/pitman-training-group/pitman-training-franchise.php), has highlighted an opportunity which will reach both commercial and funded markets, opening up new revenue streams while also addressing the skills requirements of the adult learning sector.

Pitman Training is meeting with the Association of Colleges (AOC), at the annual conference at the ICC, Birmingham, where members meet to share ideas, concerns and hopes for the Education sector. With FE colleges already enrolled in this innovative scheme which enables colleges to open up their student recruitment potential, there is already evidence of success.

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Almost £250 million in adult education FE loans is reported to have been missed out on1 during the 2014/15 educational year, skills gaps are reported to be on the increase by employers2 and an expected rise in the working population in the over 50s age group3, the demand for excellent quality vocational retraining is clearly present and growing.

Pitman Training specialises in vocational skills and Adult Learning, aimed at an 18-40 year old audience, which are geared towards achieving specialist skills for the workplace to ensure career success. The course material is developed in-house and is unique in its approach, offering a range of online courses, which can also be supplemented with in centre support, which provides FE colleges with a resilient, cost effective solution during this season of unprecedented change.

At this week’s AOC Conference, Pitman Training will explain how it can help FE colleges enhance their educational presence, using the latest digital technology in training products, whilst providing access to new markets and new commercial income.

##REQUEST##Click here to request more information from Pitman TrainingFollowing the recent, successful launch of their flagship FE college based Pitman Training Centre in Sussex Coast College, Hastings, Vice Principal of Enterprise, Dan Shelley commented: “Sussex Coast College are proud to have a Pitman Training Centre embedded into our provision mix as we believe it will bring new learners to study with us and offers a flexible, trusted self-directed study offer to meet modern work, life and learning styles. The course content is slick and the range of provision varied so that learners can develop new skills for work. We are also able to offer provision that is funded via the 24+ Loans and ASB funding steams, making the Pitman Training offer available to more students than ever before.”

Pitman Training is available to discuss its college based franchising opportunities at stand 19 of the AoC Conference and Exhibition 17-19th November at the ICC, Birmingham.

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